Fall 2023 Offerings

Indoor Training

We are so excited to be able to introduce our fall offerings for this season. We have different programs based on age groups - the younger grades (4-7) serve as a replacement to school volleyball as unfortunately many of our elementary and middle programs do not offer these. The older grades (8-12) function as an addition to school volleyball, to give added coaching and focus on technique to emerging athletes.


If you are new to volleyball, your school doesn't have a team, or you want to improve your skill, here is your time to try! Featuring a mix of gameplay, skill development, and a whole lot of fun, these sessions run weekly throughout the fall for 12 weeks (two days / week offered, you can register for them separately)

NextGen offers VOLLEYBALL FUN-DAMENTALS to boys and girls in the Grades 4-5 and Grades 6-7 age groups.


If you are looking to improve your skill during the high school volleyball season, in preparation for club tryouts in the winter, this opportunity is for you! Focusing primarily on skill development these sessions run weekly throughout the fall for 12 weeks.

NextGen offers PRE-SEASON TRAINING to boys and girls in the Grade 8, Grade 9-10 and Grade 11-12 age groups.