High -Performance Volleyball


With a full slate indoor volleyball training, and a expert team of coaches, get the support you need to take your game to the next level! Spring Registration is now open - spots are limited, sign up today!


NextGen Training was founded on the idea that working harder is not the answer. Consistent, focused, intentional change is what brings about long-term success. Here are the four principles that each NextGen Training session uses to bring you one step closer to success:


Technical Skills

At Next Gen Training, we know that volleyball is a sport with a "high skill cap." That is, to be played well one needs to have both correct form and practice executing the skill. We focus on developing the "1000 hours" athletes need to master their technical skills.

Mental Fortitude & Resilience

While the physical side of sport is the one that is the primary focus for many, what separates the good from the great is mental fortitude and resilience. Our sessions feature talks and exercises from Clinical Counsellors with training in Sport Psychology. We focus on building athlete's "mental muscles" to prepare them to excel in pressure situations.



Agility & Strength Training

While technical skill and mental resiliency play a big role in volleyball, there is no denying the impact that physicality brings to the table. Whether it is Agility & Strength Training (younger players) or Weight Training (older players), we focus on developing an athlete's off-court physicality to enable better on-court performance.


Team Play and Dynamics

At it's heart, volleyball is a team sport. No matter how skilled one player is, they cannot be successful alone. if they are not contributing positively to the team as a whole, or do not have a supportive environment to enhance their play, everyone falls short. Team play and dynamics are a critical part of NextGen Training.

Why Choose NextGen Training?

Next Gen Training is a comprehensive volleyball program that elevates athletes on and off the court. We are dedicated to helping players develop their skills, build confidence and leadership, and become better teammates. Here are some reasons to choose NextGen Training this summer:

  • Summer-Long Training Emulates Team BC Training

  • Dedicated & Experienced CCAA & USport Athlete Coaches

  • Coaches Training in Their Played Positions of Expertise

  • Position-Specific Practices (Middles, Setters, Outsides, Liberos) to Enhance Specific Skills

  • Clinical Counsellors with Specialized Sports Psychology Training

  • Small Group Physical Training and Customized Personal Workout Plans

  • All the Tools for Success - In-Practice Video Review, Serving Machine & Setting Targets

  • Recently Upgraded Indoor Facility

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